sobota, 4 kwietnia 2009

Wanted: new, offbeat hobby

They tell that to get a really good job you have to stand out. They say that it's better to be complete nuts rather than appear plain. The world is all about originality these days and it's driving me crazy. Because I'm plain.

Yes, I DID just say that.. I am plain: I have no extravagant sense of style and not enough nonchalance or courage to pull one off anyway, no incredible interest in anything particular and I don't even know where I'm going with my life, apart from the fact that it will probably be boring and nothing like I want it to be...


OK, enough with that crap. I've been thinking like this for few weeks now and finally I decided it's just about time to do something about it.
I'm only 22 for goodness' sake, I'm getting my higher education in one of the best schools in this country, I'm not stupid, nor specially ugly, I can more or less speak three foreign languages, I've got a family that's just a little bit twisted and I'm planning my future with the most wonderful boyfriend I could ever imagine. Why the hell am I complaining?

The reason for that is probably boredom. There are very few things I do in my life. The "interests" section in my resume includes the usual: traveling, photography, books, blah, blah, blah... Well.. I could write that I play cello, but that's not true since I stoped about 7 years ago, after living the music school.

When I'm not with friends (which is quite often recently, because many of them started working, or, even worse - went to work and live abroad) I read books, browse through different fashion weblogs, watch US tv series (including mainly Friends, How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl) and think about how dull is my life and how different it could be if my mother (who otherwise is the most wonderful person in the whole world) didn't always tell me that ice skating trainings/capoeira/singing classes/musical theater/medical school/whatever concept for my free time or my future I had was such a terrible and useless idea.

Well, not any more. From now on I'm going to live my life, taking whatever chance for doing something offbeat or anyhow amusing I get.

Starting next week with the 5 hour bonsai-tree-care class*.

*No worries, that's an one time thing. But that's something I would never think of doing, which actually is the perfect reason to participate.

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Belle pisze...

Wow, my dear you left such a beautiful comment on my post that really made my day! Thank you so much!

Based on your lovely comment to me and this post I can tell you are not plain and certainly not boring!!

Your at a perfect time in your life to do whatever it is that makes you happy! Your getting your education which will open many doors and bring you many opportunities, you speak 3 languages (I am a big supporter of this! It means you can connect with people from different cultures and gain more experience!! I speak english, italy, german and I am learning french now! So congratulations darling!) you have a wonderful boyfriend who I am sure thinks you are pretty wonderful as well.

I don't think style can really determine if someone is interesting or not. Its definitely inside that counts and the ability for them to be themselves. And honestly, I think your pretty interesting! You are taking a bonsai-tree-care class!! That is so cool and random! I love going to different classes and learning random things that I otherwise wouldn't know. It definitely gives a person more depth!

I am looking forward to your next post :)

Have a lovely day xxx

(ps. your english is very good!!!)

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