piątek, 10 kwietnia 2009

Bonsai livin'

Well, my cute little juniper bonsai (or pre-bonsai, as it's not yet in an obligatory flat pot) is now growing on the balcony. Suprisingly the bonsai class occured to be fun, even though I'm usually terrible with plants. Nevertheless I'm afraid that the poor thing is not going to survive for a long time - it's been 3 days since I got it and I already forgot to water it yesterday.

Although it's not likely that cutting and wrapping a juniper with a wire is going to become my passion, there are several things I learnt while doing it.

1. You should never cut a branch untill you know what are you doing it for. The first step to any conscious change is always planning and imagining the final effect.

2. It takes a lot of cutting out and moving away to get to the soul of a tree. And when you finally find it it's nothing like you imagined it would be.

3. No matter how beautiful the tree looks, there is always a spider waiting to jump out at you (I did my best not to scream, I really did!)

4. A real master never ceases to study. When your master has nothing left to teach you go to his master.

5. You can shape the tree in any way you like. It only takes a lot of wire.

6. If you get something wrong there is always a way to make it look as if you did it on purpose.

OK, enough with the dendrology, time to move to the kitchen and start the Easter baking!

Happy Easter everyone!

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Belle pisze...

The hamster is so cute!!
Glad you had fun at the class!
And I am very impressed you didn't scream when the spider jumped out at you!!

Thats cute you and your boyfriend met on the internet too!! Honestly, the best place to meet the best boys :p
And congratulations for being together for 2 years! Mat and I are at our 16 months mark (although we have known each other 26 months :p)

Question: Is that your dog on the sidebar?!?!!! So cute!!!! Is it very young still? It still has a baby face!!
Ahh I miss my dog so much ♥

I hope your well darling, love the new look to your blog!!
Have a lovely day xxx

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