wtorek, 27 października 2009

How come...

How on earth is it possible that there's absolutely nothing fabulous about my otherwise great, happy and lucky life? How come there's not even a slight hint of a fairy tale in it?

Is it possible to die of boredom?

środa, 30 września 2009

H&M Fall-Winter 2009

"We're done with metrosexuality. It's time for homeless!"

Boho - out. Hobo - in.

środa, 22 lipca 2009

London, here I come!

Just two days. In two days I set off to see the famous red phone booths and double-deckers, the Quinn waving from the stamps and coins and drink such an awful lot of tea that it pours out of my ears. God, I'm excited!

Well, OK, actually those things do not excite me at all. I'm excited to feel the one-of-a-kind-atmosphere of the famous city, to wander round the Soho, to visit Camden, hopefully, to shop a little ;) and to take tones of pictures!

London, here I come!

piątek, 26 czerwca 2009

When did pop music die?

The world is in grief as the King of the Pop died. The legend, the icon, the master of entertainment is gone and he left a giant, empty spot in what we imagined as the future of the music.

He created the whole new world and made us believe anything is possible. He had his own, unique style and was the only person that ever knew how to perform an outstanding show.


When did it change from that delightful, tasteful, spectacular music that made you dance:

to that?

Who should we blame? The producers? The TV, that stupefies the nations?

No. It's us who made it possible. It's us, people, who first bought the tapes of Backstreet Boys, then the CD's of Britney Spears, who go to the concerts of Rihanna, who spend hours reading about those self proclaimed stars.

We are to blame for this collapse. I dread to think what we are going to worship next.

Applause for the Master.

wtorek, 16 czerwca 2009

Where did Hermione go?

It's raining, the wind is blowing, the sky is gray, the semester is over and there's nothing on TV... yes, this is one of those days when I feel like sitting alone at home, in my PJ, with a cup of tea and a bowl of ice cream. And, actually, that's exactly what I'm doing right now.

Suddenly today I felt old. And it's not because I'm turning 22 on Friday, nor because I'm about to graduate from university. It's because I saw this:

Just how fabulous does Emma Watson look on this shoot for Burberry?! Her strong, confident glance is just amazing. And I'm feeling old, because I remember her more like that:

than that:

Is it me, or is there some kind of resemblance to Victoria Beckham?

Despite she's always been naturally beautiful, I've never suspected that Emma could have that much of supermodel quality. I'm waiting for more!

piątek, 24 kwietnia 2009

Keep me busy

Five days spent in bed with fever and suddenly I'm full of energy! Everything seems to be better than staying at home for even one more hour.

Thankfully, I had a lot going on this week. First of all I spent the whole weekend at school, partecipating in courses called "Entrepreneurship training". It was just fabulous! Sure, 8 hours of team-work a day, from 8 to 16, can be pretty exhausting. But still, I've never felt so self-assured and success-oriented before. I actually learned the way to think creative (which, I thought before, was something rather inborn than acquired) and noticed the amazing effects of teamwork.

I also learned that if I ever am in a plane crash in desert, the most important thing to have with me is a mirror.

This thing can actually save your life!

Today I went on a interview in the Ministry of Environment and it's highly possible that I'll get an internship there, in the department of promotion of a EU-fund based environmental project... hurray for the public sector!

And for the perfect ending of a perfectly busy week tommorow I have a wedding to attend. I hope my family won't scare my poor boyfriend.
Have a great weekend!

piątek, 10 kwietnia 2009

Bonsai livin'

Well, my cute little juniper bonsai (or pre-bonsai, as it's not yet in an obligatory flat pot) is now growing on the balcony. Suprisingly the bonsai class occured to be fun, even though I'm usually terrible with plants. Nevertheless I'm afraid that the poor thing is not going to survive for a long time - it's been 3 days since I got it and I already forgot to water it yesterday.

Although it's not likely that cutting and wrapping a juniper with a wire is going to become my passion, there are several things I learnt while doing it.

1. You should never cut a branch untill you know what are you doing it for. The first step to any conscious change is always planning and imagining the final effect.

2. It takes a lot of cutting out and moving away to get to the soul of a tree. And when you finally find it it's nothing like you imagined it would be.

3. No matter how beautiful the tree looks, there is always a spider waiting to jump out at you (I did my best not to scream, I really did!)

4. A real master never ceases to study. When your master has nothing left to teach you go to his master.

5. You can shape the tree in any way you like. It only takes a lot of wire.

6. If you get something wrong there is always a way to make it look as if you did it on purpose.

OK, enough with the dendrology, time to move to the kitchen and start the Easter baking!

Happy Easter everyone!

sobota, 4 kwietnia 2009

Wanted: new, offbeat hobby

They tell that to get a really good job you have to stand out. They say that it's better to be complete nuts rather than appear plain. The world is all about originality these days and it's driving me crazy. Because I'm plain.

Yes, I DID just say that.. I am plain: I have no extravagant sense of style and not enough nonchalance or courage to pull one off anyway, no incredible interest in anything particular and I don't even know where I'm going with my life, apart from the fact that it will probably be boring and nothing like I want it to be...


OK, enough with that crap. I've been thinking like this for few weeks now and finally I decided it's just about time to do something about it.
I'm only 22 for goodness' sake, I'm getting my higher education in one of the best schools in this country, I'm not stupid, nor specially ugly, I can more or less speak three foreign languages, I've got a family that's just a little bit twisted and I'm planning my future with the most wonderful boyfriend I could ever imagine. Why the hell am I complaining?

The reason for that is probably boredom. There are very few things I do in my life. The "interests" section in my resume includes the usual: traveling, photography, books, blah, blah, blah... Well.. I could write that I play cello, but that's not true since I stoped about 7 years ago, after living the music school.

When I'm not with friends (which is quite often recently, because many of them started working, or, even worse - went to work and live abroad) I read books, browse through different fashion weblogs, watch US tv series (including mainly Friends, How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl) and think about how dull is my life and how different it could be if my mother (who otherwise is the most wonderful person in the whole world) didn't always tell me that ice skating trainings/capoeira/singing classes/musical theater/medical school/whatever concept for my free time or my future I had was such a terrible and useless idea.

Well, not any more. From now on I'm going to live my life, taking whatever chance for doing something offbeat or anyhow amusing I get.

Starting next week with the 5 hour bonsai-tree-care class*.

image: home-and-gardening.info
*No worries, that's an one time thing. But that's something I would never think of doing, which actually is the perfect reason to participate.