piątek, 24 kwietnia 2009

Keep me busy

Five days spent in bed with fever and suddenly I'm full of energy! Everything seems to be better than staying at home for even one more hour.

Thankfully, I had a lot going on this week. First of all I spent the whole weekend at school, partecipating in courses called "Entrepreneurship training". It was just fabulous! Sure, 8 hours of team-work a day, from 8 to 16, can be pretty exhausting. But still, I've never felt so self-assured and success-oriented before. I actually learned the way to think creative (which, I thought before, was something rather inborn than acquired) and noticed the amazing effects of teamwork.

I also learned that if I ever am in a plane crash in desert, the most important thing to have with me is a mirror.

This thing can actually save your life!

Today I went on a interview in the Ministry of Environment and it's highly possible that I'll get an internship there, in the department of promotion of a EU-fund based environmental project... hurray for the public sector!

And for the perfect ending of a perfectly busy week tommorow I have a wedding to attend. I hope my family won't scare my poor boyfriend.
Have a great weekend!

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