niedziela, 8 sierpnia 2010

Why, oh why?!

Just yesterday I've read an article about Emma Watson in the Polish edition of Elle and thought about how amazing this girl is. So much class, genuineness and the incredibly cute, yet sexy looks.

Just how beautiful is she?

And then, I saw this...

"as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced" - Obi Wan Kenobi

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't accept her right to do whatever she wants with her beautiful, shiny hair... and I'm aware of the fact, that it will grow back...and yes, she still looks beautiful and probably even more natural than before... and it's not like I've never thought how would it feel if I did it (I actually DO believe what Emma said - that it's extremely liberating - just think about not having to worry about how your hair looks every morning!)...  but, even though I've always uncritically adored everything Emma said, did or wore I just can't force myself to like it.
For years I've had this strange dislike for very short hair and I die a little inside every time one of my fashion and beauty gurus do that to me. Apparently all of the world's most wonderful women have to do it at least once - Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, even Sienna Miller who I don't fancy that much, but it still did hurt...

OK, enough of that - Emma, if you'll ever be bored enough to accidentally enter this blog - pay no attention to my whining*, you're a wonderful, kind, warm hearted, beautiful person who should never ever feel bad about herself! And if you ever hear from anybody that your hair doesn't look good just smile - it will make them forget :)

Speaking of tragic events - yesterday, during the night my sister decided she wanted to take down one of the top kitchen cabinets in her apartment. We were in the middle of pulling it down, when the other one, filled to the very top with tableware - fell down. All the plates, bowls, Rosenthal's china and even the big collection of cups - souvenirs she brought from her countless trips all over the world - all fell out, leaving a 5cm thick layer of multicoloured shards on the floor and making a long, terrifying sound that echoed in the neighbourhood for about 2 days** followed by our hysterical laughter. Cleaning it up took us almost two hours, during which we managed to break at least two other things magically saved from the accident which made us laugh even harder.
It's also quite unclear to me how we survived the whole event - last thing I remember was my sister falling from the kitchen top (as it appeared later she jumped, not fell), all the glass and pottery falling right behind her and the another, empty cabinet falling right onto my head. And yet neither of us did get hit or cut. A true mystery.

To recover from this traumatic experience today I treated myself with some chinese food (if anybody from Warsaw is reading it - you have to try "Noodle w Pudle" (for english readers - the name of the restaurant is a little pun - it litterally means "noodles in a box" but in Polish it's a cute, clever rhyme :)) - the food is great and they delivered it in under 15 minutes!

The last few days sure weren't uneventful - during the whole week I only spent one day at home. I also met quite an amazing man about whom I'll write some day soon... after I come back from the next week's trip to Germany! Oh, so much travelling this year - and even more to come!

*and don't get scared by my creepy obsession about you, in reality, even though I'm older than you, I just think you're a great role model - in every way. That's not so creepy, right? Right?!

**The lower-floor neighbour asked today if there was somebody trying to kill us

środa, 7 lipca 2010


A short update on my life (for I like to read my older posts and remember of all the reasons not to whine):

1. It's summer already! 30°C, lots of sun, short shorts, summer holidays... There isn't much more one can need to be happy, except...
2. ...a trip! Even just for a weekend a trip to Masurian Lakes District is one of the most relaxing experiences I can imagine. Although the district is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland, you can still find there plenty of wild or idyllic places. Great thanks to our friend who invited us to his country house!
(Please forgive the horrible quality of the photos taken with my cell phone)

3. It's World Cup time! I really hope Spain will manage to kick Germany from the final. Not that I'm particulary prejudiced (some people in my country joke that we should actually support the Germans because Podolski and Klose are the only Poles playing in this year's World Cup), I just don't really like the boringly effective, monotonous, well... German football they're playing. It kills all the joy of watching the game.
Since Mexico and Argentina are already and Spain is too superstar-ish I'm counting on Holland.

Keep up the good work Mr. van Marwijk! I've always known you're the right person for the job.

4. I've been asked to kitty-sit for my sister's friend. I've accepted the 'job' enthusiastically, because deep down I'm a crazy cat lady, even though my parents would never let me have a cat. Everyone, meet Floyd:

Have a great day! :)

sobota, 10 kwietnia 2010


Today I was woken up by a call from my fiance.

"- Hi, have you heard?
- umm.. what?
- Kaczyński is dead. And his wife. And 86 others. Their plane crashed just an hour ago".

88 people died in a plane crash in Smolensk - the President and his wife along with the delegation of Poland's finest politicians, chiefs of military, the head of the Central Bank, several representants of clergy and families of the people massacred by Soviets in Katyn in 1940 were on their way to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Katyn massacre. The plane was about to land when it clipped the treetops and fell down.

It's the second time in the history when Polish intelectual and political elites die in this ill-fated place. As always in Poland people already started looking for somebody to blame for it: Was it the pilot's fault? The thick fog? A faulty plane? Was it the Russian?

I personally believe it was just a terrible mishap that left hundreds of people grieve for their loved ones and the whole country speachless.

Lech Kaczyński was not a popular politician, nor was he well thought of as a President. There were plenty of mean jokes about him (some of which wished him death) and his wife (a lovely, caring, charitable woman whose only sin was that she did not have the looks of Miss World). Milions of people in Poland understand today what scum they were to have no respect for the head of the country. The only person who was brave enough to defend Poland's dignity and pride. I don't know who will take lead of the orphaned ministries. And how is the political arena going to look when the leaders of the opposition and the proffessionals are gone.

It took me couple of hours to even start understanding what has happened. I don't know what will happen now, who'll replace him. The speaker of the lower house of the parliament will become the acting president now, but within 2 months we have to elect a new President and I can't thing of anybody else I'd rather see on Kaczynski's place. He might not have mastered the art of diplomacy, but there is absolutely no doubt that he was one of the most honest people in Poland who only had the good of this country on his mind.

May You Rest in Peace Mr President.

piątek, 26 marca 2010

My dreams fulfilled

Saturday, March 20th, 2010 was officially the most amazing day of my life. And all that thanks to my absolutely-wonderful-husband-to-be and the incredible magic of Walt Disney's imagination.

The Disneyland was exactly as amazing as I've always imagined it - the joyful, colorful world of wonders. I actually cried during the parade.

And I don't even care about my family laughing at me that I'm childish (it's my dream, get your nose out of it!).

As for Paris itself it wasn't quite as enchanting as I remembered it from my previous trips. That's what happens when you finally go and live in the actual city (this time we chose Saint Denis) instead of moving between nice, green suburbs and the very center of it. Nevertheless - I was still thrilled to take a walk down the Champs Elysees. Big cities always enchant me with their lights at night, I'm a city junkie and I could spend my life wandering throught the streets just breathing the atmosphere, eating an ocasional croissant/pizza/bagel/hot dog...

Yes, we've arrived to the most important point of the trip (and, to be honest, my whole life): the food.
No. We didn't go to any French restaurant, nor did we sit and sip coffee. The very first day we simply went to the market nearby - a wonderful, magical place, full of colors, flavors and fragrances and did our best not to spend all our money there. Eventually we left the place with a bag full of cheese, chorizo and fruit. Then we visited the first boulangerie we encountered and headed for a walk down the streets of Saint Denis. After just about an hour our baguette and four croissants were gone.

There is absolutely no place in the whole world where bread is as good as in France. Take it from a person who could survive just by eating (or devouring) baguettes and croissants with an occasional sip of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Luckilly my own country greeted me with a long awaited Spring. It's been over 6 months since I've been constrained to hide my bike and start moving by bus. But not any more! When I saw the sun beaming through my window yesterday I instantly decided to ditch the public transport. I'm feeling so happy!

Sadly this fabulous photo is not mine: [click]

niedziela, 14 marca 2010

What a wonderful life!

I take everything back. My life is not boring. My life is absolutely wonderful!

Wonderful things that happened to me since I wrote the last post, a.k.a. the dreams fulfilled:

1. I got engaged!

2. I finally graduated and I'm an official, proud possessor of Bachelor's degree! Apart from that I'm one step (semester) closer to become an engineer.

3. I just got back from an amazing, romantic trip to Tunisia - a week spent lying by the swimming pool in a beautiful hotel, all inclusive. I've always wanted to escape the cruel Polish winter and spend some of it lying under a palm tree.

 Dear sun, blue sea and palm trees, please come to Poland!

I've also always dreamed of meeting one of those cute gentlemen:

How YOU doin'?

Apart from sun hunting and getting a lift from the lovely Mr Camel, we've also visited the nearby cities

Monastir, Habib Bourguiba's Mausoleum

and experienced the doubtful, sadistic pleasure of standing on a back of the fakir (who also happened to be responsible for animation in our hotel - it's quite creepy to see a guy you already know (and like) doing it to himself) lying on a pile of shattered glass.


4. It took me only 2 days to get a classy, snobby job at an art gallery. Despite the fact I had to resign after another 2 days (due to some university duties) I'm still quite proud of myself. 

And last but not least...

5. My amazing fiance announced to me just a few days ago that next week he's taking me to the place I've always wanted to visit (but my parents never thought it was really necessary even though we've been in the neighbourhood twice). Helloooo Disneyland! And hello our trip to Paris!

 Next step to fulfilling my dreams: Disneyland!

Considering all things above I solemnly swear not to whine about my life ever again!

wtorek, 27 października 2009

How come...

How on earth is it possible that there's absolutely nothing fabulous about my otherwise great, happy and lucky life? How come there's not even a slight hint of a fairy tale in it?

Is it possible to die of boredom?

środa, 30 września 2009

H&M Fall-Winter 2009

"We're done with metrosexuality. It's time for homeless!"

Boho - out. Hobo - in.

środa, 22 lipca 2009

London, here I come!

Just two days. In two days I set off to see the famous red phone booths and double-deckers, the Quinn waving from the stamps and coins and drink such an awful lot of tea that it pours out of my ears. God, I'm excited!

Well, OK, actually those things do not excite me at all. I'm excited to feel the one-of-a-kind-atmosphere of the famous city, to wander round the Soho, to visit Camden, hopefully, to shop a little ;) and to take tones of pictures!

London, here I come!

piątek, 26 czerwca 2009

When did pop music die?

The world is in grief as the King of the Pop died. The legend, the icon, the master of entertainment is gone and he left a giant, empty spot in what we imagined as the future of the music.

He created the whole new world and made us believe anything is possible. He had his own, unique style and was the only person that ever knew how to perform an outstanding show.


When did it change from that delightful, tasteful, spectacular music that made you dance:

to that?

Who should we blame? The producers? The TV, that stupefies the nations?

No. It's us who made it possible. It's us, people, who first bought the tapes of Backstreet Boys, then the CD's of Britney Spears, who go to the concerts of Rihanna, who spend hours reading about those self proclaimed stars.

We are to blame for this collapse. I dread to think what we are going to worship next.

Applause for the Master.

wtorek, 16 czerwca 2009

Where did Hermione go?

It's raining, the wind is blowing, the sky is gray, the semester is over and there's nothing on TV... yes, this is one of those days when I feel like sitting alone at home, in my PJ, with a cup of tea and a bowl of ice cream. And, actually, that's exactly what I'm doing right now.

Suddenly today I felt old. And it's not because I'm turning 22 on Friday, nor because I'm about to graduate from university. It's because I saw this:

Just how fabulous does Emma Watson look on this shoot for Burberry?! Her strong, confident glance is just amazing. And I'm feeling old, because I remember her more like that:

than that:

Is it me, or is there some kind of resemblance to Victoria Beckham?

Despite she's always been naturally beautiful, I've never suspected that Emma could have that much of supermodel quality. I'm waiting for more!