niedziela, 8 sierpnia 2010

Why, oh why?!

Just yesterday I've read an article about Emma Watson in the Polish edition of Elle and thought about how amazing this girl is. So much class, genuineness and the incredibly cute, yet sexy looks.

Just how beautiful is she?

And then, I saw this...

"as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced" - Obi Wan Kenobi

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't accept her right to do whatever she wants with her beautiful, shiny hair... and I'm aware of the fact, that it will grow back...and yes, she still looks beautiful and probably even more natural than before... and it's not like I've never thought how would it feel if I did it (I actually DO believe what Emma said - that it's extremely liberating - just think about not having to worry about how your hair looks every morning!)...  but, even though I've always uncritically adored everything Emma said, did or wore I just can't force myself to like it.
For years I've had this strange dislike for very short hair and I die a little inside every time one of my fashion and beauty gurus do that to me. Apparently all of the world's most wonderful women have to do it at least once - Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, even Sienna Miller who I don't fancy that much, but it still did hurt...

OK, enough of that - Emma, if you'll ever be bored enough to accidentally enter this blog - pay no attention to my whining*, you're a wonderful, kind, warm hearted, beautiful person who should never ever feel bad about herself! And if you ever hear from anybody that your hair doesn't look good just smile - it will make them forget :)

Speaking of tragic events - yesterday, during the night my sister decided she wanted to take down one of the top kitchen cabinets in her apartment. We were in the middle of pulling it down, when the other one, filled to the very top with tableware - fell down. All the plates, bowls, Rosenthal's china and even the big collection of cups - souvenirs she brought from her countless trips all over the world - all fell out, leaving a 5cm thick layer of multicoloured shards on the floor and making a long, terrifying sound that echoed in the neighbourhood for about 2 days** followed by our hysterical laughter. Cleaning it up took us almost two hours, during which we managed to break at least two other things magically saved from the accident which made us laugh even harder.
It's also quite unclear to me how we survived the whole event - last thing I remember was my sister falling from the kitchen top (as it appeared later she jumped, not fell), all the glass and pottery falling right behind her and the another, empty cabinet falling right onto my head. And yet neither of us did get hit or cut. A true mystery.

To recover from this traumatic experience today I treated myself with some chinese food (if anybody from Warsaw is reading it - you have to try "Noodle w Pudle" (for english readers - the name of the restaurant is a little pun - it litterally means "noodles in a box" but in Polish it's a cute, clever rhyme :)) - the food is great and they delivered it in under 15 minutes!

The last few days sure weren't uneventful - during the whole week I only spent one day at home. I also met quite an amazing man about whom I'll write some day soon... after I come back from the next week's trip to Germany! Oh, so much travelling this year - and even more to come!

*and don't get scared by my creepy obsession about you, in reality, even though I'm older than you, I just think you're a great role model - in every way. That's not so creepy, right? Right?!

**The lower-floor neighbour asked today if there was somebody trying to kill us

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