piątek, 26 czerwca 2009

When did pop music die?

The world is in grief as the King of the Pop died. The legend, the icon, the master of entertainment is gone and he left a giant, empty spot in what we imagined as the future of the music.

He created the whole new world and made us believe anything is possible. He had his own, unique style and was the only person that ever knew how to perform an outstanding show.


When did it change from that delightful, tasteful, spectacular music that made you dance:

to that?

Who should we blame? The producers? The TV, that stupefies the nations?

No. It's us who made it possible. It's us, people, who first bought the tapes of Backstreet Boys, then the CD's of Britney Spears, who go to the concerts of Rihanna, who spend hours reading about those self proclaimed stars.

We are to blame for this collapse. I dread to think what we are going to worship next.

Applause for the Master.

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