niedziela, 14 marca 2010

What a wonderful life!

I take everything back. My life is not boring. My life is absolutely wonderful!

Wonderful things that happened to me since I wrote the last post, a.k.a. the dreams fulfilled:

1. I got engaged!

2. I finally graduated and I'm an official, proud possessor of Bachelor's degree! Apart from that I'm one step (semester) closer to become an engineer.

3. I just got back from an amazing, romantic trip to Tunisia - a week spent lying by the swimming pool in a beautiful hotel, all inclusive. I've always wanted to escape the cruel Polish winter and spend some of it lying under a palm tree.

 Dear sun, blue sea and palm trees, please come to Poland!

I've also always dreamed of meeting one of those cute gentlemen:

How YOU doin'?

Apart from sun hunting and getting a lift from the lovely Mr Camel, we've also visited the nearby cities

Monastir, Habib Bourguiba's Mausoleum

and experienced the doubtful, sadistic pleasure of standing on a back of the fakir (who also happened to be responsible for animation in our hotel - it's quite creepy to see a guy you already know (and like) doing it to himself) lying on a pile of shattered glass.


4. It took me only 2 days to get a classy, snobby job at an art gallery. Despite the fact I had to resign after another 2 days (due to some university duties) I'm still quite proud of myself. 

And last but not least...

5. My amazing fiance announced to me just a few days ago that next week he's taking me to the place I've always wanted to visit (but my parents never thought it was really necessary even though we've been in the neighbourhood twice). Helloooo Disneyland! And hello our trip to Paris!

 Next step to fulfilling my dreams: Disneyland!

Considering all things above I solemnly swear not to whine about my life ever again!

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Jonesy pisze...

CONGRATS : ) on your engagement

I'm a new follower!

Please check out my blog and follow if you like it too

Belle pisze...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so incredibly happy for you darling! xx

brooke pisze...

congrats on the engagement again - thats wonderful. nothing like a sparkler and hte man of your life to turn things around! congrats on the job and degree too - youve done well lately! xx

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