piątek, 26 marca 2010

My dreams fulfilled

Saturday, March 20th, 2010 was officially the most amazing day of my life. And all that thanks to my absolutely-wonderful-husband-to-be and the incredible magic of Walt Disney's imagination.

The Disneyland was exactly as amazing as I've always imagined it - the joyful, colorful world of wonders. I actually cried during the parade.

And I don't even care about my family laughing at me that I'm childish (it's my dream, get your nose out of it!).

As for Paris itself it wasn't quite as enchanting as I remembered it from my previous trips. That's what happens when you finally go and live in the actual city (this time we chose Saint Denis) instead of moving between nice, green suburbs and the very center of it. Nevertheless - I was still thrilled to take a walk down the Champs Elysees. Big cities always enchant me with their lights at night, I'm a city junkie and I could spend my life wandering throught the streets just breathing the atmosphere, eating an ocasional croissant/pizza/bagel/hot dog...

Yes, we've arrived to the most important point of the trip (and, to be honest, my whole life): the food.
No. We didn't go to any French restaurant, nor did we sit and sip coffee. The very first day we simply went to the market nearby - a wonderful, magical place, full of colors, flavors and fragrances and did our best not to spend all our money there. Eventually we left the place with a bag full of cheese, chorizo and fruit. Then we visited the first boulangerie we encountered and headed for a walk down the streets of Saint Denis. After just about an hour our baguette and four croissants were gone.

There is absolutely no place in the whole world where bread is as good as in France. Take it from a person who could survive just by eating (or devouring) baguettes and croissants with an occasional sip of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Luckilly my own country greeted me with a long awaited Spring. It's been over 6 months since I've been constrained to hide my bike and start moving by bus. But not any more! When I saw the sun beaming through my window yesterday I instantly decided to ditch the public transport. I'm feeling so happy!

Sadly this fabulous photo is not mine: [click]

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elledee pisze...

so lovely! what a great trip

Belle pisze...

I adore paris!! And disney land ♥ Sounds like you had an incredible time!! I took my boyfriend to disney land for his birthday last year and we waited in line for 3 hours in -10 degree weather for a ride haha it was so cold!! but so much fun! xx

brooke pisze...

aw! this is such a sweet post! absolutely loved it - hope you had an amazing time. congrats so much on the engagement! how exciting eee :)


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